5 Obscure but Famous Wedding Dresses We Will Never Forget

Ah, the glory of a wedding! It is really one of the only occasions where style, personality, glamour, romance and solemnity are combined to form the unique package that will form a perfect day. And let’s face it – the bridal gown is the focal point of the whole event. When a celebrity gets married, the question is always centred around what the bride is wearing, and many people have taken their cues from the fashions and looks promoted by the famous wedding dresses of the time.

Women have for a long time admired and copied the bridal gowns of their favourite female icons – from the heavy, stylish and sophisticated weddings of Elizabeth Taylor, to the lavish royal weddings of Princess Diana, and more recently, Kate Middleton. But, if you are stuck on your decision, and regardless of whichever brides you preferred, here is a rundown of some of the most famous wedding dresses of the recent decade.

1. Gwen Stefani: OK, the marriage may be on the rocks now, but the wedding dress was something to behold! Designed by the house of Dior, this silk dip-dyed bridal gown was designed especially for this talented fashion fundi, and it is an undeniable triumph in style. It is completely representative of her personality – a bit punk, a bit girly and a bit pop – just like Gwen herself!

2. Carolyn Besette: One of the most anticipated and long-awaited weddings ever, Carolyn Besette married John F Kennedy Jr. in 1996. Going down in the wedding gown history books as one of the most stylish gowns ever to roam the earth, this gown (designed by Narciso Rodriguez) truly showed the world what true bridal style is all about, and eclipsed even the most well-known famous wedding dresses of the time to show Carolyn to be one of the true style icons of the era.

3. Portia de Rossi: Her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres is just one of the most romantic stories ever! And when Portia chose the most breathtaking backless gown with a light rose tulle skirt, it was simply sublime. The dress was a masterpiece in design and style, and exemplified the sentiment and personality of both partners at the same time.

4. Jacqueline Kennedy: It is impossible to talk about famous wedding dresses without including Jacqueline Bouvier/Kennedy. Who can forget the masterpiece of ivory silk with a wide skirt that totally emphasised her tiny waist and the flows of taffeta in the skirt when she got married to John F Kennedy? The heirloom lace veil belonged to her grandmother and the dress was designed by Ann Lowe to bring out a modern twist, while still complementing the veil.

5. Marilyn Monroe: When this gal wedded Joe DiMaggio she was done with the bellowing white skirts, and opted instead for a controversial, but highly stylish ensemble. For her winter wedding, she ditched the white taffeta of the time and surprised wedding guests with a ground-breaking brown wool suit with a fur collar, and while it raised a few eyebrows at the time, it still remains one of the classiest and classic wedding ensembles of the last century.

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