Love Your Designer Wedding Dress Forever

There’s no shortage of designer wedding dresses in Johannesburg. The city is a goldmine for wedding businesses, and some of the world’s best wedding dresses and designers hail from Johannesburg.

With so many designer wedding dresses to choose from in Johannesburg, it’s important to know what kind of a “relationship” you want with your wedding dress – are you planning to only wear it on the day and then resell it? Are you not too fussed about what state the dress gets into on the day, because you’re going to donate it to charity anyway? Or, do you want to lovingly store it for years to come, and take it out and admire it? Perhaps you imagine your own daughter getting married in the same dress?

Wedding dress shopping should be a highlight of the planning, whether in Johannesburg or elsewhere, and it should also be fun and exciting. Too many brides are overwhelmed, however, by the massive selection available. Deciding on the perfect dress can become frustrating and nerve-wracking. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 5 tips on how to choose a timeless wedding dress:

1. Buck the trend: Don’t be a trendsetter, be yourself. Focus on your personal style and what flatters your body the most, because this will translate into a wedding gown that you’ll love for years to come – because it’s you, not some fashion trend that has come and gone in five minutes. When you’re wedding dress shopping, don’t take your entire wedding party along, only take friends or family members who will give you constructive feedback. Too many brides get bullied into choosing a style they wouldn’t have if aunty so-and-so or mom-in-law-to-be hadn’t tagged along.

2. Fabric: Keep it classic with traditional fabrics like satin, organza, tulle and lace. All are proven to really stand the test of time. Spend some time with a professional, and get to grips with the more traditional fabrics, and the benefits of each. Knowing what kind of fabrics you like and how they’re best worn can make the process of wedding dress shopping much less overwhelming.

3. Shape: Certain silhouettes of designer wedding gowns simply don’t date, and they’ll never go out of fashion. These include the classic ballgown, sheaths and empire-waist styles. You might not hear your wedding consultant call these shapes trendy, but you’ll still love your wedding dress after 20 years.

4. Colour counts: A timeless wedding dress doesn’t have to be white, but if you’re going for another colour, make sure that you know why. Is it a trend? Are celebrities doing it and you think it’s a great idea to be different just for the sake of being different? Or have you always, always – since you were a little girl – wanted to get married in that colour?

5. Something borrowed: Icons like Jackie O and Chanel have inspired many designer wedding dress decisions. Take inspiration from eras gone by, when the classic ballgown with simple and intricate detail was the perfect wedding dress. Speak to aunts and grandmothers in your family and friends’ families. Ask to see their wedding photos and talk them about how they decided on a dress. You’ll be surprised to find that some still have their dresses beautifully preserved in storage.

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