In days gone by, the spring wedding might have been the season of choice. However, in the modern world, no season is off limits, with many loved-up couples opting for cosy winter occasions, autumn affairs, and destination summer shindigs. While colder seasons offer prospective newlyweds some significant cost savings, they also offer gorgeous aesthetic elements and an enchanting ambience that allows for warm hues and fairy lights. Since weddings can occur at any time of the year, designer wedding dressmakers need to factor in all the seasons when creating their bespoke collections for every bride.

Designer Wedding Dresses for Every Season

Here we take a little delve into designer wedding dresses for the seasons, offering brides-to-be some ideas for every season.

  • The Summer Affair: Summer weddings evoke images of balmy beach days, bright light, and warm weather. Since you will not have to contend with harsh elements, this season has much to offer. Summer allows for simple and sophisticated silhouettes, spaghetti straps, light fabrics, and even mini dresses for the bride who wants to make a bold and modern statement.
  • The Winter Wedding: Winter weddings have gleaned major popularity in recent years, especially when an indoor venue is chosen. Winter weddings allow for gorgeously embossed heavier fabrics (hello satin and velvet), rich or warm colours, layered dresses, and stylish sleeves. If you have dreams of dancing the night away at a warmer indoor venue, an adjustable cape or bolero is also a fantastic option.
  • The Spring Celebration: Spring occasions are perhaps the most sought-after of the seasons. The weather is perfect – not too hot for excessive sweating and not precarious enough for torrential downpours. Spring allows for designer dresses with flowing fabrics, sleeveless gowns with optional capped sleeves or shawls, and lacey or embellished designs.
  • The Autumn Occasion: Autumnal celebrations call for gorgeous gowns that offer brides the best of both worlds. Opt for glamourous fabrics with some razzle and dazzle, lacey designs, and cape-styled options. There is something enchanting about this season, adding magic to any dress design.

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