How to Choose the Right Designer Wedding Dress Boutique

 You certainly want to turn heads for the right reasons when you walk down the aisle, so finding the perfect dress is very important. Finding a dream bridal gown can often be daunting and new brides find themselves quite intimidated by a whole new world of designers and bridal accessories. This is why it is important to find the right wedding dress boutique – they have to be much more than a shop that sells dresses.

The staff should be knowledgeable about the types of dresses that will fit your body, the fabrics that are best to use and the most suitable accessories. They also have to provide you with an intimate, restful atmosphere in which you can try on dresses at your leisure, and where you will receive personal attention from an experienced bridal wear consultant. Here are some tips on finding the right boutique for your needs.

  • Your budget: The entire wedding depends on your budget – from the wedding location, to your dress and accessories. Deciding on a bridal boutique that can provide delightful dresses for your budget is key. So, before you just make appointments with bridal boutiques, ask about the cost of their product ranges. Also ask whether you can purchase once-worn dresses, or rent or buy accessories. Find out if they charge for appointments and whether they provide refreshments during your visit. Trying on wedding dresses can be thirsty work, so do ensure that you take some water with you for the fitting. Discuss your needs with them before wasting time on an appointment. This allows you to save money and time in the long run.
  • Do your homework: You have to conduct a great deal of research before you make your way down the aisle. This means that you have to find the right bridal wear suppliers for your needs and the correct styles and silhouettes for your body type. Ensure that the dress fits the wedding, and don’t start with the dress first. A good bridal consultant will know which dresses are applicable to which occasions, and will be able to fill you in on special offers and other events that you may want to attend to learn more about weddings and dresses.
  • Choose the right type of boutique: You will find out that there are two main types of boutiques – those that provide a one-stop service for all things bridal, and bridal boutiques. The one-stop-shops tend to provide a wide range of services for practically everything a bride needs, from photographers to make-up and hair experts. This makes it a lot easier to deal with the arrangements for the day and you don’t have to deal with too many suppliers. Designer wedding dress boutiques specialise in fabulous dresses and accessories, but may not provide other services. If you are looking for a breathtaking, show-stopping wedding dress, you should consult the specialists. 
  • Service is crucial: Brides are often bewildered during the wedding planning and by the process of choosing a dress. You need someone to look after your needs in a calm and effective manner, and in an atmosphere that is calm and restful. Personal attention without interruptions is vital. You have to ensure that you are able to receive these services at your wedding dress boutique of choice.

If you are looking for a designer wedding dress boutique that can help you to make the best choices for your wedding day, give our consultants at Timeless Bridal a call. We will be happy to help!