Two Top Tips on Choosing Between Designer Dresses at Your Bridal Boutique

Choosing your very own designer dress at your bridal boutique should be a pleasure, right? It is one of the most important dresses you will ever wear in your life, and you need it to be perfect. Most brides get very excited at the prospect of choosing that dress that will help to make the day fantastic – they look for something that will enhance the fairy-tale wedding that they have been dreaming of since they were little girls – they want to feel like a princess floating down the aisle towards the loving arms of their grooms.

There is one problem with this though – it is not always as easy or as perfect as you would dream. It can be very frustrating and complicated to choose the right dress, if you don’t have the right advice and the right team on your side. It seems that the wedding dress industry has a whole new vernacular containing words never heard of before, and if you don’t have a great wedding dress consultant on your side to translate these terms and help you to choose the best designer dress at their bridal boutique, things can get rather hairy.

But fear not! At Timeless Bridal Couture, we have all the expertise, bridal gowns and advice you will need, and here we provide you with some tips on how NOT to go about choosing your wedding dress.

1. Keep your posse petite

Sure, there is a lot of excitement and hilarity involved in sharing this moment with all your friends, your mother, your sister, cousins and even the mother-in-law, but trust us, they can seriously complicate things. Too many people, means too many differing opinions, and this can be hugely confusing. You may end up trying to please your mother-in-law with your choice of dress, instead of yourself. Keep in mind that this is YOUR day and YOUR decision, and that the choice should start and end with you. Keep your posse small, and only bring up to three people whose opinions you really trust. This can help to make the choice a lot simpler and easier. And don’t try to please someone else! Consider their opinions, but ultimately trust your own instincts. Ideally, your posse should only be there to share the joy of the moment with you, and not to dictate what you should wear on your wedding day.

2. Know what you want, but don’t be opposed to other choices

OK, this sounds a bit weird, but we do make a point here. When you attend your first appointment to choose your designer wedding dress at your favourite bridal boutique, it is usually a good idea to know what kind of look you want, but not to restrict your focus too much. If you give your bridal consultant a good understanding of what kind of feel and look you are aiming for, he or she will be able to provide you with the dresses that will complete the look. It may not be exactly the dress you have in mind – perhaps you had your mind set on a mermaid dress and the consultant encourages you to try on an empire line, but keep an open mind. Wedding dresses are their jobs, and they know what they are talking about. Give it a go and see how it works out. If you really don’t like it, your consultant will quickly tune into your feelings and provide you with options that are more suited to your own ideas.

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