Good Bridal Consultants Thrive on Detail

Pretoria, with its world-famous Jacaranda trees, which form a purple carpet across the city, is a popular bridal photography and wedding location. Brides are also spoilt for choice when it comes to designer bridal shops in Pretoria. Timeless Bridal Couture is situated in Pretoria and is a leading designer bridal shop.

To prepare you for a first encounter with your bridal consultant in Pretoria, we’re going to look at a few things you should expect from a professional consultant.

Getting Personal

It’s important that you immediately feel at ease with your consultant. Professional bridal consultants follow a strict rule of etiquette when dealing with clients, but be prepared to reveal some personal details about yourself. This will help the consultant to form a full picture of the type of person you are, so that they can guide you in purchasing your wedding dress.

Questions that the consultant is likely to ask include where you’re from and what your profession is. Your personality also plays a vital role, so be prepared to reveal a little about your quirks and fancies, likes and dislikes. The aim is for the consultant to form a picture of you that they can translate into the ultimate look for you on your Big Day. You may think that this sort of detail is irrelevant, because you already know exactly what style of dress you want, but be open to the consultant’s advice and allow them to challenge your preconceptions. The consultant is there to help you look your very best in a gown which flatters and complements your body’s shape, as well as your personality.

Style Talk

While it may seem easy to walk into a bridal shop, browse and find the perfect dress, your consultant knows the available merchandise inside out, and can save you time by directing you to gowns which fall within your expectations, and which are going to highlight your best features. Allow your consultant to guide you and keep an open mind. Even though your dress is the centre of attention at the wedding, the consultant will also ask what your husband-to-be will be wearing, and what you have in mind for your bridal party.

Me Time

To ensure that you have the consultant’s full attention, book an appointment. Being interrupted by another bride or having the consultant dash off to answer the phone is unprofessional. A professional consultant, on the other hand, should only have eyes for you! Beware the bridal consultant that continuously shows you similar styles to what you have in mind, or styles which you don’t like at all. You’ll quickly become irritated if you feel the consultant isn’t listening to you, and will likely shop elsewhere, as this isn’t a good trait for a consultant to have, whether in Pretoria or anywhere else.

Photo Policy

With it being the norm to snap a photo of anything and everything today, this is not allowed in most designer bridal shops. Your consultant will tell you upfront if photographing the designer gowns is allowed or not, and if it isn’t, you need to respect the bridal shop’s policy. Counterfeiting is a huge problem for the bridal gown industry, and it isn’t uncommon for “factory spies” to pose as brides, so that they can snap photos of the gowns and rush back to get them into mass production.

If you are looking for a designer bridal shop in Pretoria, waste no more time. Make an appointment with Timeless Bridal Couture today!