6 Reasons to Consider a Fabulous Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid gowns are daring and eye-catching, and certainly turn every head in the room. Many prospective brides shy away from such a wedding dress, however, for fear that the silhouette will not suit them. While it is vital to shop according to your style and what makes you comfortable, many a bride have found they actually prefer a mermaid wedding dress after fitting one. If you are carefully weighing your options on which bridal style will suit you best, then have a look at our six reasons to consider a mermaid gown.

  1. A Vast Range from Which to Choose


While the basic idea behind a mermaid gown is that it tightly fits the torso and hips before it flares out at the knee, there are still plenty of varied styles available. Colour, fabrics used, necklines, sleeves, and embellishments of the dress will all depend upon your preferences.


  1. They Are Great for Any Theme


Whether you are planning a romantic, vintage ceremony, or a modern and sleek wedding, mermaid gowns are versatile enough to suit them all. For an old-world, timeless feel, you could always opt for intricate lace. A more contemporary theme might call for luxurious Mikado satin like our Jayda gown from Colet by Nicole Spose.


  1. Say Hello to Those Curves


Brides with a little more “oomph” to their bodies will appreciate a silhouette that hugs their form in all the right places. A cinched waist and flattering tapering around the legs will create an elongated hourglass figure. To create the right proportions around the shoulders and bust, be sure to select a dress with a neckline or sleeves that balance the overall look.


  1. Petite Brides Adore Them


Short, slim brides often struggle to find a wedding dress that does not swallow them up or drown out their aesthetic. Mermaid gowns not only make petite brides look taller, but they also accentuate a small bust and hips, which creates the illusion of more curves.


  1. They Are Sexy – Without Trying too Hard


The silhouette is in and of itself quite seductive. This is ideal for brides who want to look alluring without showing too much skin. Conservative brides can choose a dress with a more modest neckline or sleeves that do not bare too much.


  1. Accessorising is All Too Easy


Such a dramatic cut speaks for itself and will not require over-the-top jewellery or accessories. A simple, delicate belt or sash at the waist or gorgeous veil are enough to draw the eye in with minimal effort.


Seeking a mermaid dress for your wedding day? Why not pop in for a style consultation and fitting? For more information, contact us here.