Choosing a Wedding Dress in Pretoria to Suit Your Style

In the past few years, Pretoria has been catching on to the latest wedding trends. Prospective brides no longer need to make a trip to Johannesburg or the notoriously fashion-forward city of Cape Town. Pretoria is a hotspot when it comes to the booming wedding business, and brides are beginning to notice. With so many trends gaining ground in Pretoria, it can be daunting to pick a style that you feel comfortable with.

Choosing a dress to suit your style means not only considering your personality, body shape, and wedding theme, but also looking into which trends you find most beautiful and representative of your personal taste. Below we have compiled a list of some styles that have made waves throughout the ages and the dresses that suit them best.

The Classic Style

Timeless and elegant, the classic style is what you would expect to see at a royal wedding. These exquisite dresses are generally in A-line, ballgown, and fit-and-flare designs, and impress with their simplicity. Think minimalistic jewellery, a three-tiered wedding cake, and a ballroom decorated with white roses. If the poise and sophistication of Grace Kelly’s wedding speaks to you, you may want to consider a classic white dress in a simple, form-fitting design.

The Vintage Style

The demure vintage style embraces ages past with an abundance of antique-esque décor and nostalgic odds and ends. Vintage wedding dresses are almost never a bright white, but rather fall under the spectrum of dusty rose, aged white, champagne, and eggshell. Vintage wedding dresses are often made of tulle or lace, and give the impression of a soft, romantic painting. Beading and appliqué take centre stage when it comes to vintage wedding dresses, so accessorising can be minimal. If lace and pearls, the city of Paris, or teacups and doilies appeal to you, a vintage wedding dress may be up your alley.

The Modern Style

A modern wedding style is the ultimate in clean lines, bold colours, and interesting contrasts. Many brides who opt for a modern wedding dress will stick to the classic A-line with some subtle detail. Striking red lips or a bright bouquet usually plays off against the simplicity of the theme and makes the entire day a feast for the eyes. Some brides opt to go for a shorter dress or wear gloves, giving a nod to the sixties when the “Mod” subculture came into being. The modern wedding dress is uncomplicated and makes a statement with its effortless beauty.

The Boho-Chic Style

This is an alternative style that allows for a combination of two or more styles, which is the beauty of going with this trend. Bohemian-themed weddings can be rustic, rock ‘n roll, or ethereal, while welcoming hints of a wild and free gypsy lifestyle. Creativity is key with this style and simple wedding dresses are often heavily accessorised. Boho-chic dresses bring out your inner hippy with A-line and mermaid dresses that are made of lace, cotton, or even crocheted. A flower crown and natural make-up complete this unconventional look and make for beautiful photos.

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