4 Questions You Must Ask Your Bridal Consultant

When browsing bridal shops in Pretoria, keep in mind that you first and foremost are looking for a reputable business. Do a bit of research on the bridal shops in your area. If you live in Pretoria, look at boutiques that are close to home. You want the location to be easily accessible when you go for fittings and alterations. If it’s all the way out of town and you have to fight traffic to get to your appointments, you’re only adding unnecessary stress to your planning.

Once you’ve found a reputable boutique among the bridal shops you researched in Pretoria, make a note of the things you want to ask your consultant.

Remember that your time is limited – most salons offer appointments between 60 and 90 minutes, and with your mind in a wedding-planning frenzy, it’s easy to forget things.

These 4 questions are important to ask your consultant (before and during the appointment):

Q: Can I take photographs of your wedding dresses?

It’s an important question. Never assume that the salon allows photos to be taken. Timeless Bridal Couture has a strict no-photography policy.

Q: Will I have enough time to order/alter my dress?

If you start exploring bridal boutiques in Pretoria, or anywhere else, two to three months before your wedding, you could be in trouble. The last thing you want is to be limited in your choices because you’re simply running out of time. Timeless Bridal Couture’s normal order lead time is 12 to 16 weeks, and we need an additional six to eight weeks for alterations. We, therefore, recommend that you order your dress six to eight months before the wedding to avoid unnecessary stress. Of course, there are isolated cases where planning months ahead of the wedding might be impossible. To assist you in finding your perfect dress on time, we offer rush and super rush options at an additional cost and subject to confirmation from our suppliers.

Q: Can I customise my dress? If so, how?

Bridal shops that answer “no” to this are not worth considering. Every bride is unique and wants to incorporate her own special twist to her dress. A reputable boutique should have no problem in assisting with this.

Q: Where and when will the alterations be done?

Bridal shops that offer a seamstress on the premises are first prize. Timeless Bridal Couture has a highly skilled wedding dress seamstress who works from our boutique and is on standby to make the necessary alterations. Your first fitting should ideally be six to eight weeks before the wedding, depending on the extent of the alterations. Don’t forget to ask about when alterations will commence and who will do them. This is a crucial part of being 100% satisfied with your wedding dress before your Big Day.

If you’re in the throes of wedding planning, perhaps you’ve already been to a few bridal shops in Pretoria. If the experience so far hasn’t delivered the desired results, perhaps it’s time to move on to Timeless Bridal Couture, a full-service bridal boutique with a large client base in Pretoria.