4 Pitfalls to Look Out for When Considering Buying a Wedding Dress Online

Online shopping comes with risk. But, in a world driven by e-commerce, this is often the first place brides go when dress shopping. With a range of exquisite and reputable bridal shops near Johannesburg, Timeless Bridal Couture reminds you that nothing beats the personal service that a boutique offers. We encourage brides not to waste their time – or take the risk – internet shopping, when we are here to personally guide you every step of the way.

1. What you see is not always what you get

Brides go online and see designer dresses at a fraction of the cost. The website will do everything in its power to convince you that what you’re looking at is the real deal. The reality is that this is simply not true. The gowns are mostly copies of designer gowns churned out of factories, mostly in East Asia. The fabrics used are cheap and nasty, and not to mention the fit of the garment is almost always a complete fail. Take our word for it, you simply cannot buy a designer wedding gown on the internet for a fraction of its cost.

2. Fake fit

The way you feel in your wedding dress will determine the way you experience your wedding day, which is a memory that will last a lifetime. Brides want to look better than their best on their special day. Your dress, however, is the ultimate piece that’s going to allow you to exude confidence and radiate happiness. A wedding dress bought online is likely to present a myriad of challenges – the worst being that it doesn’t fit properly. Welcome to online wedding gown hell. Imagine, you now have to press on with the gown because you’ve ordered it, but by the time your wedding day arrives, it has had so many nips and tucks, you don’t even recognise it anymore. It’s not what you expected, and you’ll have to fake your enthusiasm when everyone compliments you on your “stunning” dress.

3. What, no bubbly?

Buying a wedding dress is a special process. After all, it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear. Where’s the fun in sitting alone on your bed at night trawling through one website after the other dress shopping? So, grab your girlfriends and head to a bridal shop in the Pretoria-Johannesburg region for the ultimate day out in the build-up to your Big Day. Lap up tips from the experts in an informal and exquisite setting. With expert guidance and a little constructive feedback from your friends, you’ll find the personal touch of a bridal shop much more rewarding than a laptop screen and mouse.

4. Wedding gown hangover

You may not have anticipated doing this, but you could end up giving your wedding dress away after the wedding or, worse still, putting it in the bin. Yip, wedding dresses can suffer just as many ill-effects of the celebration as guests do. If you’ve bought the dress online, there’s no after-sales service to nurse your dress back to health, so that you can either keep it or sell it. A reputable bridal shop, whether in Pretoria or Johannesburg, can assist in repairing and cleaning a damaged gown. Your online “retailer” may suggest they offer the same service, but be assured this is nothing more than another false promise.

Do yourself a favour and make an appointment with us at Timeless Bridal Couture. We are situated in Pretoria, and worth the drive from Johannesburg, if this is where you’re coming from.