Make Your Bridal Shop Visit Memorable – 5 Tips from a Bridal Consultant 

Brides-to-be in Gauteng don’t have to look far for bridal shops – or bridal consultants for a bride-to-be! Despite the world being a different place today than it was decades ago, one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s that people are still getting married… wedded bliss abounds in bridal shops across Gauteng.

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most important decisions of a wedding. You want the experience to be right, from your very first consultation. Your consultant plays a vital role in this and since you two will be spending a lot of (quality) time together, make sure that you’re going to get the professional help, advice, guidance, and support you need.

Here are 5 great tips from a professional bridal consultant: 

  1. Be honest

A bridal consultant can’t help you find the perfect dress if they aren’t 100% sure of what you want and like. Remember they’re there to guide you, not make the decision for you. It is your wedding dress and your personal style plays a big role, so let your personality shine!

  1. Don’t be late for your first (or any) appointment

This doesn’t create a good impression, as the bridal consultant’s time is as valuable as yours. No bridal consultant wants to rush an appointment – so factor in the Gauteng traffic when you’ve scheduled time at a bridal shop! A good piece of advice is to find a bridal shop close to home or work, in order to eliminate any unnecessary stress.

  1. Be adventurous

We’re not saying go from a beach-style dress to ultra conservative, but open your mind to suggestions. Many brides have fallen in love with a style that they never imagined would suit them. Enjoy the experience and trust your consultant’s instincts. You’re not committing to anything, and it can’t do any harm to try some alternative dress styles.

  1. This is real life

Don’t think that all consultations end in a bride and her “besties” collapsing in tears of joy when she finally settles on “the” dress. It’s OK if you do, and also OK if you don’t experience this “bridal moment”. Weddings evoke all sorts of emotions, and there’s no handbook about when you have to do what. Go with the flow and enjoy.

  1. Be true to you

A bridal consultation is an intimate experience, but many brides welcome the chance to share it with their six bridesmaids, aunts, and future mom-in-law, and this can be problematic. Too many cooks definitely spoil the broth in this respect, we believe. Too many opinions and comments can leave you in a heap, head in hands, while your entourage decides which styles will suit you. Only take one or two trusted friends/family members with to the bridal shops; those who you know will give you constructive feedback and advice.

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