Perfection Takes Time – Ask These 4 Questions Before Choosing Your Bridal Shop 

There’s little more exciting than scheduling an appointment with a bridal boutique. Timeless Bridal Couture is a bridal shop in Pretoria which offers an intimate and exclusive bridal experience that is all about you! Brides usually start dress shopping months ahead of the wedding, and this is a good idea, because there’s a lot to consider when buying a wedding dress. It’s a journey you need an expert to be a part of, so choose your bridal boutique wisely.

Ask your bridal shop these 4 questions upfront: 

What can I expect at my first consultation?

You want nothing less than all eyes on you during your bridal consultation. To ensure that you get personalised service, it’s advisable to make a booking. The consultant should take your measurements and advise you on which sized dress to get (the consultant will have experience with the designer’s size chart and must advise you accordingly). Your consultant must also advise you on which styles of dresses and accessories will best suit your body type and skin tone, and allow you to fit as many dresses as you would like to during this first consultation (which should be at least 60 minutes).

When will I get my dress?

We recommend approaching a bridal shop six to eight months ahead of your wedding day. A boutique which sources dresses from designers around the world, like we do at Timeless Bridal Couture in Pretoria, will need between 12 and 16 weeks for the order to arrive. You also need to take alterations into consideration, and this could require another six to eight weeks. Beware of bridal shops in Pretoria which promise you the world within a few weeks! While it is possible, it isn’t the norm for a boutique to source, order, take delivery of, and alter an exquisite designer wedding dress in a matter of weeks.

What if I need a dress in a hurry?

We understand that sometimes wedding planning happens in a rush, and that the bride, swept up in the excitement, needs a dress as soon as possible. Any bridal shop worth its salt will assist with rush (or even super rushed) orders, usually subject to confirmation from their suppliers and at an additional cost. Despite it being a rushed order, make sure that the bridal shop is still giving you the best service possible, and going the extra mile to make your dream day happen just the way you want it to.

Do you offer alternations in-house?Professional bridal boutiques, whether in Cape Town or Pretoria, should always look after your comfort and convenience. Having an in-house seamstress is very important in this regard, because you will have peace of mind knowing that they’re an expert at the craft of wedding dress alterations. To do all your fittings and alterations at the boutique where you bought your dress also fosters the relationship you’ve built with the staff and owner, and adds to the excitement of the journey you’re embarking on together. Why have the stress of taking your dress somewhere else to be altered?

Make an appointment and come visit our bridal shop in Pretoria. We will go the extra mile for all your needs.