How to Shop Around for the Right Boutique in Pretoria 

We pride ourselves on being one of Pretoria’s leading bridal shops. Our advice to brides about finding the right bridal shop (in Pretoria or anywhere else) is to do a bit of good old-fashioned homework first (don’t you love Google?).

This goes beyond finding a shop that looks good or has a beautiful website. You need to look beyond the frilly façade when choosing a bridal shop; pick up the lace and throw back the veil, so to say!

There are so many bridal shops in Pretoria alone today that any bride-to-be is spoilt for choice. Then again, there are just as many motor workshops around, but you’re not likely to book your “baby” in for a service without checking them out, are you?

Take the time to do a bit of research on the shop and seek out references. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

What you need to find out about your potential bridal shop of choice: 

  • Are wedding dresses their primary business? You don’t want a shop that sells wedding dresses, evening wear and matric farewell dresses. No! Wedding dresses should be their core focus.
  • Who’s in charge? An owner-run bridal shop is usually a good omen, as these owners put their hearts and souls into the businesses, and have their fingers on the pulse. They are invested in their clients, and you can expect exceptional service and professional attention. The best part of an owner-run bridal shop is that you’ll never have to say, “where’s the manager?”
  • Do they have a portfolio of brides they’ve dressed? A professional portfolio is the pride and joy of any bridal shop owner, and they won’t hesitate to share it with you upon request. This is a great way to garner some inspiration, and the consultant can chat through the various elements which ultimately made up the specific looks for the brides featured.
  • What’s on the shelf? Make sure that the bridal shop has a wide selection of different wedding dress silhouettes and styles, from reputable brands. Even if you have a particular one in mind and they stock it, don’t be limited by a small range of dress styles. Be open-minded enough to explore styles and options with your consultant. You can’t do this if the bridal shop only has six styles to choose from. 
  • Nips and tucks? A professional bridal shop will offer alterations and customisations on site, done by a skilled wedding dress seamstress. 
  • After the Big Day is over? Brides love bridal shops that offer a dress repair or resell option. These are both welcome value-added services for our clients, and we suggest that you ask your bridal shop about this. We repair damage to a dress after the wedding, and if a client wants to, resell their wedding dresses for them. We highly recommend this option if you planned to rent a wedding gown, but then purchased one after your dress fitting.

Come along and see why we are one of the leading bridal shops in Pretoria. Contact Timeless Bridal Couture today.