How You Can Still Book a Consultation with Our Bridal Shop During Lockdown


There is still a handful of rites of passage that people living in modern society enjoy celebrating. Picture the birth of a new baby, a birthday that leads into adulthood, and beautiful weddings. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult to celebrate these usually fun occasions, and couples have had to put off their special day indefinitely. From bridal showers over video chat to masked fittings, couples in love all over the world have found a way to carry on, however. With our bridal boutique, we still allow brides to shop for and try on exclusive designer wedding dresses while still keeping top health and safety measures in mind.


Why Wedding Planning is Still Essential


With the announcement of the nationwide lockdown as well as its regulations, everything seemed to stand still. Prospective brides have a lot to organise as is, and for many, the outbreak of the pandemic threw a wrench in the works. While waiting is not ideal, it does open up the perfect opportunity to plan one’s wedding a little more in-depth. In the months and weeks preceding a wedding, most couples feel as though they simply do not have enough time left to plan everything. The current lockdown, though, affords a chance to organise things down to the last detail. Our bridal shop makes this possible too, as we remain open for bookings and fittings with brides.


It is important to note that normal order lead times on our wedding dresses take between 12 to 16 weeks, and an additional six to eight weeks is usually required for alterations thereafter. Thus, starting your shopping journey early is for the best, even if your wedding is quite a few months away. The expertise of our stylists guarantees that no matter when or how you choose to do it, you will look perfect while walking down the aisle.


In keeping with the lockdown rules and regulations of our country, our bridal shop has a few measures in place to not only ensure the safety of our clientele and staff but to still offer you the amazing bridal experience to which you have been looking forward. We limit visitors to two guests per bride, screen and take the temperature of each visitor, make hand sanitiser and disposable gloves freely available, and maintain a safe distance. All visitors are also required to wear a face mask and wash their hands before and after consultations too.


We are looking forward to helping you tell your love story. For more information on booking your consultation with our bridal shop, do not hesitate to send us a message.