8 Guidelines to Help You Stay Sane When Searching for a Bridal Shop 

Finding the right bridal shop is key to enjoying every minute of your wedding planning. Bridal shop owners often have to deal with anxious and overwhelmed brides, so we thought we’d share some of our secrets with you, which have, over the years, proven to lessen brides’ nerves considerably.

Here are 8 tips from an experienced bridal shop:

  1. To avoid unnecessary pressure for all concerned, bridal shops need at least 12 to 16 weeks to fulfil your order, and another six to eight weeks for alterations. This means ordering your dress six to eight months ahead of your wedding day. There are cases where the bride doesn’t have six to eight weeks before the wedding and needs urgent help as soon as possible. A professional bridal shop won’t hesitate to do whatever they can to ensure that your Big Day is unforgettable.
  1. Recommendations are great (if they come from a trusted friend or family member). Word of mouth is gold in the bridal shop industry, so don’t hesitate to at least investigate someone else’s positive feedback about a bridal shop. Be sure, however, to ask the person who is recommending the bridal shop to tell you in detail about their experience. Meet for a chat over coffee and have a list of questions prepared.
  1. Make an appointment – and stick to it! The bridal shop will only give you a certain amount of time for a consultation, usually an hour, and you need to make the most of that time.
  1. You will not find the quality or design of wedding dresses online that you will find at an authorised wedding dress retailer, like Timeless Bridal Couture. Recognised bridal brands are not allowed to be sold online. Be aware of this and steer clear of online bridal shops that promise brides the world.
  1. Clear your calendar. Set one day aside for wedding dress shopping and choosing the bridal shop you like the most. By visiting a couple of bridal shops, you can get a feel for their service and the range of wedding dresses they offer.
  1. Leave the girls at home. This may sound cruel, but having too many opinions flying around, while you’re all sipping on champers, can become overwhelming. To keep your sanity and focus, only take one or two girlfriends/family members along, whose opinion you trust and cherish. The girls will understand – trust us!
  1. Get dressed up. You want to look the part when trying on dresses, so why walk into the bridal shop in your sweatpants and flip flops (even if it is a beach wedding)? Do your hair and make-up, and take along some seamless undies and a few pairs of good bras for your fittings.
  1. If you find something you love, order it! Don’t hesitate – you could lose out! While you may be tempted to move onto another bridal shop, why not just make the decision and take the dress that impresses you?

For a truly professional bridal shop which understands the needs of today’s modern bride, give Timeless Bridal Couture a call today.