19 August 2019

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Visiting a Bridal Shop? Here is How to Prepare

If you are researching bridal boutiques, chances are that you are newly engaged. The idea of a bridal shop consultation might make you giddy with excitement – or it is a cause of a bit of hesitation. You want to find your dream gown without going through the hassle of spending weeks looking for a dress, and this frustration is often what causes a prospective bride to settle on something she dislikes. Your wedding marks the beginning of one of the most important life journeys – marriage.

Through this leg of the race, you should not have to resort to second-best, your experience must be a time of joy and elation. If you are planning on booking a consultation at your bridal shop of choice, then we have a few tips for you on how to prepare.

Plan Your Time Wisely

It is unlikely that you will find a suitable dress if you leave your search to the last minute. A wedding boutique’s normal order lead times can take anywhere from three to four months, and then additional time is needed for the gown’s alterations. It is always recommended that you book your appointment as soon as possible. By kickstarting the process six to eight months before your wedding, you will avoid pressure and have your dress done on time.

The More You Research, the Better

Some brides go into their bridal shop consultation blindly and do not really have a feel for what kind of dress they like. While it is not wrong to rely on the stylist’s advice, much time is spent on establishing a style, and this can rob you of time. Before your appointment, take some time to research gowns and silhouettes to which you are drawn. Spend time browsing through the bridal store’s catalogue online if possible, and talk to the boutique staff about your preferred style.

Do Not Bring Too Many People

It may seem comforting to bring along all your friends and family members, but this usually creates a lot of tension and stress. If you so wish, take along one person whom you feel knows you and understands your personal taste. If you can rely on their honesty, support, and respect for your decisions, then it may be a good idea.

The bridal shop you partner with plays a significant role in whether or not you walk down the aisle in the wedding dress of your fantasies. To make this dream a reality, we at Timeless Bridal Couture invite you to trust us with your imagination and help you find “the one”. With bespoke services and a breath-taking selection of designer brands, no other boutique compares.

Bridal Shop
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