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How Our Bold Johannesburg Brides Include Colour in Their Wedding Dresses

Johannesburg is the largest city in sunny South Africa and is often described as the economic powerhouse of Africa. The booming metropolis of Johannesburg is known as Egoli (or City of Gold) because it began as a gold-mining town. As expected in a city of such rich culture and history – it has a large population of diverse inhabitants. Many of the brides that we see here at Timeless Bridal Couture are from Johannesburg, and we find that they are often bold in their personal style.

For such non-traditional brides, standing out in a big city is what they are used to, so why should their wedding dress be any different? One of the easiest ways to up the ante of a wedding is to add a dash of colour. Colour can be added in many different ways and doesn’t always have to be loud or brazen. Here are some ways in which our daring Johannesburg brides can add some classy colour to their wedding dresses, while still remaining on trend.


One of the easiest ways for a bride to add a dash of the rainbow lies in her make-up. A bright red lip with an ivory gown is a classy look that will stand out. For those who wish to have a neutral tint on their lips, a striking set of eyes with a bit of gold, deep auburn, or hazel shimmer eyeshadow may do the trick.


Accessories include hair accessories, belts, sashes, brooches, and jewellery. We find that rose gold seems to be a favoured colour with brides at the moment, but stark colours like purple, navy, or even black can contrast a white dress well. Small details in the veil are another interesting way to add some hue to your look.


Fun and bubbly brides usually gravitate towards shorter, tea-length wedding dresses. Adding a splash of colour to shorter dresses is easy with a colourful petticoat – and it will make twirling on the dance floor much more fun.


Even with a longer dress, where they aren’t obviously on display, a bride’s wedding shoes are an important component of her look on the day. Some brides wish to maintain a traditional style for their wedding dress, but are able to add some flair with colourful shoes. The sky is the limit when deciding on the right shoes to express your outgoing personality.

The Bouquet

In the marvellous modern times we live in, a bouquet doesn’t just have to be flowers. Some alternatives include feathers, lanterns, balloons, candy, mason jars, and even vintage paper fans. If you wish to keep your use of colour to a minimum, these are just some ideas to add colour to your look.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we have a wide range of accessories to add some bling to your wedding dress. Our experienced consultants are ready to help you add that something special to your wedding dress. If you are located in Johannesburg or Pretoria, contact us today.