How to Accessorise Your Ball Gown Wedding Dress in 2020

2020 is a year with exciting bridal trends, and one trend that never seems to slip out of fashion is the beautiful ball gown wedding dress. With its fitted bodice and full skirt, this silhouette looks ultra-feminine and royal. Ball gown dresses always seem as though they belong in a fairytale storybook, embodying romance, classic elegance, and stately style. Accessorising a ball gown wedding dress is a little challenging, as the silhouette calls for the right proportions and balance. Here we discuss accessory trends for 2020 and how they will best suit your ideal bridal look.

Forget the Clown Contouring


The past few years have seen professional make-up artists and online style influencers alike plying on their foundation with a heavy hand – and then going in for more contouring. This year, bridal make-up trends are far less extreme, with make-up now aiming to enhance, instead of cover up, natural features. Freckles, moles, and even a pink flush on the cheeks are embraced with a barely there base and light foundation. Soft, dewy skin, and fluffier, fuller brows all go a long way in creating a natural statement look.


Volumise That Hairdo


No-care hair is back with icons, such a Meghan Markle and Selena Gomez sporting zero-fuss styles that frame the face beautifully. Soft waves, unapologetic kinks, and even shaggy, layered tresses are making their comeback. When it comes to a ball gown wedding dress, however, it may be wisest to opt for a natural-looking hairstyle with a little more height and volume, which will give your overall ensemble better proportions.


Strike a Balance with Your Veil


A ball gown bridal dress works well with just about any veil, but there are a few lengths to avoid. Waltz length and ballet length veils break up the volume of a ball gown awkwardly, disrupting the flow of the fabric. Opt for a shorter veil, such as a fingertip length or full-length cathedral veil for more of a cohesive look.


Belts and Sashes Are In


A ball gown speaks for itself, and you will not be needing too many other wedding accessories to make it pop. For this large-and-in-charge dress design, select muted jewellery pieces or leave your neck and ears bare. One way to add real flair to the ensemble is to introduce a belt or sash to the bodice. This will cinch the waist and add a bit of sparkle where it may be needed.


Here at Timeless Bridal Couture, not only do we house gowns in every style and silhouette, but accessories, such as belts, sashes, and custom veils. To find out more about our selection of gorgeous bridal attire, get in touch with us today.