How to Accessorise Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is a day filled with beauty that nobody will ever be able to take away from you, it is, therefore, important that you are able to look and feel your best. Finding the right wedding dress is the first step, and then comes the fun of accessorising it.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we have a gorgeous selection of accessories to take your wedding look to the next level. It’s all in the details, and with the right accessories, you can walk down the aisle looking flawless. There are a few things to remember when picking out accessories for your wedding dress, and it’s a good idea to ask the advice of the consultant helping you. We love it when our brides choose to accessorise, so we have set up some basic guidelines to help you choose which bridal accessories would work best with your dress.

Your Hair

This season’s trends are in, and rose gold hair pieces are grabbing everyone’s attention. From smaller hairpins and hair vines, to larger combs placed strategically in the hair, dainty, floral hair accessories can transform any hairstyle. Another important accessory to factor in here is the veil. The type of veil you decide on will ultimately depend on the look of the dress. A heavily-detailed dress will only need a simple, single-layer veil. The length of the veil can also affect the tone a bride wants to set for her look, as a long veil can create a dramatic feel, while a short veil tends to look more playful and modern.


When it comes to jewellery, less is always more. A bold, finely-detailed wedding dress will not work well with gaudy jewellery. It is, however, possible to go too bare, especially with dress designs that bare the neck, shoulders and arms. Trying on different earrings, necklaces, and bracelets while wearing your dress will give you a good idea of where some detail could be added or taken away.

Belts and Sashes

Belts and sashes are the little miracles that many brides overlook. They can be used to define the shape of a waist, elongate it, and shorten it. A belt embellished in the right way can even draw the eye away from a wider waist and create the illusion of a cinched middle. Belts and sashes can add a bit of sparkle to a dress that may seem too plain, especially if the bride prefers not to wear too much jewellery otherwise.


You’ve chosen the dress, your hair is in place, your veil and jewellery flatter you where it counts – your last, non-negotiable accessory is confidence. A confident bride not only smiles the best for photographs, but is also able to enjoy her day with her groom and let the loveliness of it all sink in.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we not only offer a range of elegant wedding gowns, but we also have your accessory needs covered – from veils to bridal garters. Contact us online to book an appointment today.