5 Types of Bridal Shops to Avoid While Shopping for Wedding Gowns


Because your wedding day is so important to you, you want to give yourself the best chance of looking and feeling great. A major factor in how a bride feels on this special occasion is the gown she wears. Unfortunately, not all brides understand how vital it is to partner with a bridal boutique that will go the extra mile to make this once-in-a-lifetime event special. Late orders, gowns that do not fit properly, and negligent services are all possibilities, and prospective brides have very little way of knowing which bridal shops to avoid. Thankfully, there are a few key warning signs for which to watch out.


  1. False Advertisers


This is a common problem when it comes to bridal shops, especially those who sell gowns online. This type of boutique usually advertises a type of dress or service, and then simply does not deliver. One way to avoid such boutiques is to have a look at the shop’s reputation and online reviews before ever contacting them about their range.


  1. One-Trick Ponies


Your wedding day will take a lot of planning – from catering options to seating logistics – and the last thing you need is to stress about your wedding dress. Selecting a boutique that only offers set dresses for sale might save you a little money but means you might need to pay for extra services elsewhere. Think about partnering with a boutique that offers expert styling advice, alterations, post-wedding dress washing and repairs, and even dress resell options.


  1. Unhygienic Boutiques


First impressions are rarely wrong when it comes to an establishment, and walking into a boutique that is messy or filthy is a major red flag. Cleanliness is the minimum when it comes to professional service, so it is best to cancel that appointment if you step into a less-than-pristine boutique.


  1. Establishments with Rude Staff


Nobody wants to deal with rude or negligent staff while trying on beautiful wedding gowns, but this is, unfortunately, the experience of many brides. It is always best to steer clear of bridal shops with an impolite and unprofessional team.


  1. Bridal Shops with a Limited Range


Endless choices are what makes shopping for wedding gowns so exciting. From luxurious lace to tulle, as well as various silhouettes and styles, you should have your choice in designs to get a good idea of what looks best on you.


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