Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day, and even though the old requirements for veils are no longer applicable, a beautiful veil does add mystery and romance to the occasion. Little girls dream of having a beautiful veil training behind them, and brides dream of having the wedding veil lifted off their faces by their grooms, who will then gasp at the beauty below.

Picking the best Wedding Veil

Graphic Lace Wedding Dress with wedding veil

It goes without saying that veils are iconic bridal accessories and most brides do still have them. But how do you choose the veil that will best complement your look and your stunning bridal gown? Are there really some styles that are more suitable than others, and can you find a veil that will take your wedding dress from great, to absolutely spectacular?

1. Check the length:

It is important that the length of the veil complements the overall silhouette and the style of the dress. The veil should not break up the flow of the look, and designers of wedding veils in Pretoria often tailor the veil to the dresses that they design. Longer veils are usually considered more traditional and formal, while shorter veils often create a more edgy look, and are suitable to contemporary or modern styles. If your wedding dress is not designed with a specific veil, it is possible to have one designed.

2. Get the colour right:

Even though most wedding dresses are white or cream (change cream to ivory), the colour of your veil has to match the colour of the dress. Often, in bad lighting, it is difficult to see a difference in shade, and it is advised that you compare the colour of the veil with the dress in sunlight, in order to see if they match. If you go shopping for a veil, take a swatch of the wedding dress fabric along to make colour comparisons. The only exception when it comes to colour is with an antique veil – if the colour is close enough, then this will work just find.

3. The right balance:

A rule of thumb is that a heavily embellished bridal gown should be accompanied by a simple, clean veil. The opposite is also true – if your wedding gown is plain and smooth, an embellished or lacy veil will add extra texture to the overall look. Do try to balance the look – any embellishments on the dress have to match the ones on the veil.

4. Choose fabrics carefully:

Tulle is usually the obvious choice, but there are other new fabrics that can create other looks that may be better for your dress. Lace veils create a more romantic look, while silk or satin can create a vintage look. Keep in mind that synthetic fabrics, such as tulle, tend to keep their shape better, while natural fabrics are more likely to be heavier or softer.

5. Consider the hairstyle:

Decide how you are planning to wear your hair before deciding on a veil. Remember that it is impractical to style your hair specifically for the veil, as you will probably be removing the veil after the ceremony, and your hair still needs to look great without the veil. Halo veils and mantilla veils look best with hair worn down or in a low updo, while birdcage veils work well with just about any hairstyle. Also ensure that there is enough space in the hairstyle to secure the veil. Do a test run with the hair stylist and the veil to be sure – keep in mind that hair accessories also affect the veil. For instance, a tiara can only be paired with particular types of veils. Hair accessories can help to secure the veil, or can be worn after the veil has been taken off.

For more information about where to find the perfect wedding veils in Pretoria, contact one of our team of consultants. We will make sure that you have the perfect veil for the perfect look on your Big Day!