The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Alterations in Pretoria

If you live in Gauteng or Pretoria, choosing a wedding dress can be easy, but finding people who can carry out professional wedding dress alterations in Pretoria might be a problem. As with everything else, there are dos and don’ts when it comes to fittings and alterations, and experts in the field reckon that you are probably likely to have at least two fittings before your dress will be perfect for you. Not many people find a wedding dress that fits perfectly, and it will probably be necessary to have your dress altered for a perfect fit.

Experts that carry out wedding dress alterations in Pretoria recommend that you start with a dress that is very close to your ideal size. It can be easy to alter a dress to a size bigger or a size smaller, but keep in mind that not many dresses have seam allowances that allow for more than one size up, and with many fabrics, the original seam will quite often be difficult to hide. This means that you have to resist the urge to purchase a gown that is far too big or small because it is on special, and then relying on alterations to create the perfect size for you.

Dresses that are far too big also hang differently on the body because they are made with bigger bodies in mind, and adjusting the dress to fit a much smaller body perfectly can be extremely difficult, because it has to be taken apart and re-cut in order to make it fit the body snugly. Often, the money you save by buying the dress at a discount will then be used for alterations, and it could be a stressful process to go through.

When it comes to wedding dress appointments for alterations, remember the following:

If your body is not evenly shaped (some people may require a size 10 top and size 12 skirt, or be top heavy), remember that it is far easier to take in a dress than it is to let it out. This means that you should get a dress that fits the bigger part of your body.

When you choose a company to carry out your wedding dress alterations in Pretoria, remember that you get what you pay for. Don’t let the lowest quote be the deciding factor. Often, expert alterations cost more because the tailor has a lot of experience in altering wedding dresses. If you get a cheap fix, you may end up having to paying someone else to fix the mistakes made by an inexperienced seamstress.

Many people who carry out alterations will not provide you with a quote over the phone, as they need to see exactly what needs to be done before committing to a price. Take the gown to the shop, so that they can inspect it and measure it on you, and then they will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

If you know about changes that are about to take place in your body, for instance, you are having plastic surgery, a breast enlargement or reduction, you are newly pregnant, or you intend to lose a lot of weight, notify your alterations expert. This allows them to take those changes into consideration before doing the alterations.

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