Nude Wedding Dresses

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Nude wedding dresses is a stunning trend on the rise! A few years ago, a crisp, white wedding dress would have been considered standard procedure, but thankfully brides are now able to be a lot more creative with their choices for wedding attire by incorporating nude undertones.

Nude undertones on a wedding dress mean that instead of a gown being fully enveloped in white, we see shades of barely-there peach, dusty rose, soft beige, pale porcelain, and even slightly muted hues of tan. Finding the right type of nude undertone means that not only will your skin look more radiant in your dress, but lighter details on the gown (such as lace applique or embroidery) will also have a stronger contrast. Nude undertones can also be used when trying to produce a “naked” effect, which creates the appearance of showing skin without really exposing anything.

While stark, white wedding dresses may be thought of as too traditional, nude undertones bring about a natural softness that modern brides absolutely adore. For those who see wedding dresses as an extension of their sexy and adventurous style, a wedding dress with nude undertones may just be what they are seeking.

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