Wedding Dresses with Low Backs

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Give Your Guests Something to Look at with Interesting Back Detail.

Displaying the body in the sexiest way possible, while retaining an air of modesty, is one of the most alluring ways a bride can choose to present herself on her wedding day. A subtle way of doing this is by making use of one of the most seductive trends at the moment – the low open back.

Because her back and shoulders are two of her most rarely seen features, having a dress that accentuates these assets on a bride is sure to make heads turn. A wedding gown with a low open back (especially those with lace or beading) adds interest to what may seem like a conventional type of dress. Using an open-back gown with criss-cross straps is a clever way to introduce confidence and vulnerability at the same time. This type of dress is appropriate for most wedding themes and venues, and does not have to be reserved for destination weddings. If you are looking for a streamlined, sleek torso, then this type of dress may be just right for you.

We offer a number of open-back dresses to suit different figures – from intricate, barely-there straps to bigger and bolder, statement criss-cross straps.

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