Wedding Dresses with a Crepe and Lace Combination

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Clean Crepe Lines Combined with Lace Detailing Provide the Perfect Combination of Simplicity and Timeless Elegance

When it comes to wedding dresses, the type of material used can have quite an impact on the overall appearance of the dress. One often-overlooked type of textile is crepe. Crepe can be any material (usually synthetic fibre, silk, or even wool) that has a crimped, crinkled, or pebbled texture to it. The advantage of using crepe is the type of sheer, flowing, and graceful drape it creates on a dress. Sheath silhouette dresses often make use of crepe because of how beautifully it hangs from a feminine figure.

Crisp, clean crepe lines may be a simple concept, but when combined with intricate lace details, the result is a breathtaking gown that not only looks extravagant, but also sits comfortably on any frame. From glamorous vintage gowns to minimalistic modern dresses, a crepe and lace combination will suit most dress styles, such as mermaid, sheath, and even A-line. Certain types of crepe (usually those made of natural materials) are more breathable than others, and the type of crepe you choose will also affect the movement of the dress while dancing or standing in a breeze. This match made in heaven is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all of your guests for years to come.

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