23 Jul 2021

Lace Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses - Matisse

Fit and Flare Wedding Dress Designs

Feel Fabulous with Fit and Flare Wedding Dress Designs 

Fit and flare wedding dresses are iconic and gorgeous, much loved by brides and celebs across the globe. Much as their name suggests, they fit the body

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21 Jun 2021

Luxurious Lace Wedding Dresses - Mara Wedding Dress

Behold Luxurious Lace Wedding Dresses

Behold Timeless Brides in Their Luxurious Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace is a popular material in bridal couture. This delicate fabric is usually made of thread or yarn and intricately woven into a weblike pattern. The patterns available

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18 May 2021

Bridal Shops in Johannesburg - Matisse Dress- Madi Lane Range

How to Find Quality Bridal Shops in Johannesburg

Finding High-Quality Bridal Shops in Johannesburg 
Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be one of the most significant decisions for a future bride. With bridal shops galore around Johannesburg and its surroundings, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming feat. With so many

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18 May 2021

Luxury Wedding Dresses - Avalon - Madi Lane

Luxury Wedding Dresses for Every Bride

Luxury Wedding Dresses for Every Blushing Bride 
What is the first thing you envision when you hear the words “luxury wedding dresses?” Is it the intricate design of the gown? Or perhaps the elaborate embroidery? Maybe it is the

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